Sex Tips And Tricks To Adopt If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

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We all know you need to have sex to get pregnant. But how exactly should you do it to improve your chances of conceiving as soon as possible?

You can learn about some sex positions to conceive and other tips to get that bun in your oven.

The best sex positions to conceive

Experts insist that positions do not matter much when trying to get pregnant. However, there are several theories about how some moves are better than others.

For instance, one of the sex positions to conceive involve you putting your legs on his shoulders. This tips your pelvis back and the resulting gravity will help the sperm find its way to your egg much easier.

Missionary sex also allows the possibility of deeper penetration which can help your man’s swimmers go the distance.

Orgasms are important

Apart from learning all about the best sex positions to conceive, achieving an orgasm can also boost your chances. Of course, the guy needs to ejaculate for baby-making to be possible at all. But if you also cum, the gentle contraction can help the sperm move along faster, straight to the cervix.

Sex Tips And Tricks To Adopt If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant
When are you ovulating

Learning your ovulation date is your best bet if you want to have sex to get pregnant. There are several ovulation apps you can download that can help you calculate your days based on your menstrual cycle.

For most women, 14 days after starting your last period is when you’re most fertile.

What can he do?

There’s not much for your guy to do than produce the sperm to make the baby. However, if you really want to increase your chances, he can try staying off sex for a couple of days or weeks before you ovulate. This way, you are both at your peak, biologically-speaking and can give yourselves the best chance.

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