13 Reasons Why Season Three Confirmed


13 Reasons Why has been commissioned for a third season.
The Netflix show announced the news on its official Twitter account, with a video showing a school locker with the number three on the door.
If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve probably at least heard of 13 Reasons – the show which follows a character who explains why she killed herself.
The show is known for dealing with difficult subjects including suicide, sexual assault and school shootings.
Warning: The rest of this article contains graphic sexual details that you may find upsetting – and spoilers for 13 Reasons Why.
Season one was based on a 2007 book called Thirteen Reasons Why by a writer called Jay Asher.
The decision to continue the story for a second season was criticised as “pointless” and “unnecessary”.
The confirmation of season three has been met with a similar response by some.
But Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has defended renewing the show again, saying “nobody has to watch it”.
Some fans agreed with that.
13 Reasons Why’s controversial season two
Season two of the show has been criticised mainly for a graphic rape scene in the final episode, although that’s not the only reason the Parents Television Council in the USA has urged Netflix to cancel it.
The second season also covers school shootings, addiction and sexual assault, as well as rape culture more generally – and is all underlined by themes of depression and mental illness.
The consensus from critics is that it led to an “unnecessary”, “pointless”, “cumbersome”, “baggy”, “badly written”, “ponderous” and “boring” bit of TV.
But not everyone agrees.
Chloe Miller, an 18-year-old from Bedford, thinks the show is representing real life. She says it gives her a sense of “belonging”, and presents issues she’s struggled with accurately.
“It’s what goes on. It doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s actually something that people need to see – otherwise it’s almost like we’re denying reality,” she says.

Source: BBC news

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