IGP Idris: 5 public officials who made embarrassing mistakes

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Here’s a roll call of 5 public officials who made embarrassing mistakes; in a week when IGP Idris ‘transmission’ video has gone viral.

A video of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris fumbling through a prepared speech at a public function, has got everyone worried and embarrassed.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, the police high command told Pulse that the video was manipulated.

In any case, IGP Idris is not the only public official who has mangled a speech in recent times.

We present five such instances where the microphone just became too hot to handle for ‘Oga at the very top’.

1. Solomon Dalung: ‘The funds spended were probably spended’

In 2016, Sports Minister Solomon Dalung sat before a House of Representatives Committee probing fiscal allocation to ministries, when his moment in the sun arrived.

Rep Danburam Abubakar Nuhu who is a member of the appropriation committee, was saying something along the lines of the ministry spending beyond the approved budget.

“It’s a serious matter, Mr. Chairman, because the spending is outside the confine of the approval given by the national assembly”, Nuhu said.

Suppressing a wry smile, Dalung let fly the following: “The funds spended were properly spended because we got them from intervention funds….we got this funds from intervention funds, from Mr. President”.

It took weeks to stop the internet from laughing, after Dalung’s ‘spended’ remarks.

2. Patience Jonathan: ‘Na only you waka come…those bloods that are sharing in Borno?..Diaris God o’

Former Nigeria First Lady, Patience Jonathan was famous for dropping bloopers by the truckload including ‘Ojukwu is dead, but his manhood lives on’, ‘the doctors are responding to treatment’ and ‘all of us were once a children’.

But none beats her 2014 ‘Diaris God o…na only you waka come…Prinspa, did you come with two tishas? …you were not informed too? Kontinuu’ moment.

Mrs. Jonathan was hosting teachers and parents of the abducted Chibok girls in Aso Rock, when she broke down in tears; amid chants of ‘Chai…Chai, those bloods that are sharing in Borno…Wee you keep kwayet…Diaris God O’.

The video went viral moments after it dropped and continues to rack up Youtube views to this day.

3. President Buhari: ‘West Germany’

Newly sworn in President Muhammadu Buhari had just returned from a meeting with G7 members when he took to the microphone to brief the nation.

“President Michelle of West Germany….”, Buhari said.

Except that there is no such nation as West Germany on the map and the German Chancellor is called Angela Merkel.

4. Obafaiye Shem: ‘Oga at the top’

Zonal Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Mr. Obafaiye Shem, was having a decent enough morning on ChannelsTV until he was asked what the website of the NSCDC was.

“The website of NSCDC…I cannot categorically tell you one now…wait…wait…the one we are going to make use of is going to be made known by my Oga at the top. Yes. I can’t announce one now and my Oga says it’s another one that we are going to use”, Shem said.

Pressed further, Shem reeled out the website of his organization as “ww.NSCDC…so..that’s all”

The phrase ‘Oga at the top’ would make it into T-Shirts, songs, dance videos and street lingo.

It was pop culture, viral moment for Shem, NSCDC and the phrase he had just coined.

5. IGP Ibrahim Idris: ‘Transmission…transfusion…transmission’

The nation’s police chief was addressing participants at the Force Technical Intelligence Unit in Kano, when everything went awry.

Let’s just say you’ve never heard the words ‘transmission…transmission and apprehension’ repeated that many times in a sentence.

The police has come out to say the video was doctored by persons intent on settling political scores.

Source: News Agencies

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