Surprising Health Benefits Of Hugging



Hugging is a sign of love and passion and asides this globally acceptable fact of providing and promoting emotional support, hugging does more by improving and nourishing the immune system.

A hug from a companion or from someone you love could brighten your mood. Hugging is a sign of love and passion. Furthermore, hugging those you love on happy occasions increases cheerfulness and affects bonding.

Ever thought the act of putting your arms around someone holding them tightly is a mere social activity expressing your like or love for them or just to show you’re pleased to see them?! You should definitely keep it here to know better.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hug frequently:

  1. Fight cold and flu
    It helps to ease cold and flu. Hugging prevents people from stress-stimulated susceptibility to infection. Hugging shields you from stress-related infection and cold
  2. Nourishes the immune system
    Hugging someone makes you apply pressure on the sternum (the long flat bone which goes from your throat to the bottom of your ribs and to which your ribs are attached) and an emotional charge is created. This helps to keep you healthy and modulate your glands
  3. Relieves muscle tension
    It liberates tension in the body, fights pain and increase blood circulation. Hugging can relax your muscle activity and improve your health. A hug from a companion can communicate support. When you hug often, it lessen the effects of stress on you
  4. Increases brain health and memory
    When you hug a loved one an hormone called oxytocin is discharge into the blood stream. It increases memory power and also reduces tension.
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