All About The Rising Star Cardi B

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It’s all about that rising star that’s making waves around the world….One of the most hard-working people in the industry over the course of the last year, making appearances at almost every notable musical event, award show and festival across the country. A songstress, rapper taking over the music industry breaking barriers amassing a legion of fans, over 8 million, on social media, and she’s only just starting.


Nobody got more out of the 365 days of 2017 than The “Bartier Cardi” artist rocking #2017MomentInMusic notching the first No. 1 record by a solo female rapper since 1998 with the anthemic tune and has continued her historic rise ever since we hope she’s never gonna be the same this 2018!


It’s no other artist but CardiB guys! CardiB whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar was born in the Bronx borough of NYC on Oct. 11, 1992 (The 24-year-old) to a Trinidadian mother and Dominican father both of whom were born in the Caribbean . She was raised in the Bronx alongside her sister Hennessy Carolina. Her real name is Hennessy! According to Cardi, her dad came to the delivery room straight from a party where he was drinking his favourite alcohol Hennessy. Her mother loved his suggestion for the name and went with it!


Cardi, having had a rough upbringing, she joined the Bloods gang at the age of 16 and eventually turned to stripping in order to escape her abusive boyfriend at the time. Cardi used the money she earned to help pay for her college courses at Borough of Manhattan Community College, but she dropped out before earning her degree.


Before rising to fame via Love & Hip Hop New York and ‘Bodak Yellow’, the Bronx rapper pursued a career as an exotic dancer at the age of 18 and planned to retire from stripping at 25 but quit at 23 when she became a social media personality. Before Fame also, she performed as an exotic dancer for five years.


Also a video vixen, she released a DVD called I Am: Cardi B and landed a special on Revolt TV taking viewers behind the scenes of her life saying “A hoe never gets cold,” you know what the motto is


“You know, I did a video a very long time ago, about two years ago. It went extremely viral. I cannot even believe that it went viral. But it was very cold. I was in North Carolina, and I had a bra, and a fucking skirt, and I said, “You know a hoe never gets cold.” And I said that, because bitches, us bitches, we don’t be giving a fuck about the weather. Bitch if I wanna wear this shit, I don’t give a fuck. And I’m going to wear with no fucking coat. Because I want motherfuckers to see this outfit! So many people use that line, “A hoe never gets cold.” So y’all already know. You know what the motto is. You know my rules. You know what I’m about.


The rapper did become a regular character in popular reality series Love And Hip Hop New York, first appearing in season six. However she recently quit to pursue other ventures.


During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Cardi stated that she got her name from the popular rum brand. “Everybody used to [call me] Bacardi. Then I shortened it to Cardi B, [and] the ‘B’ stands for beautiful or bully, depending on the day.” (Her nickname is short for Bacard). Another report claims her parents nicknamed her Bacardi, as a testament to her Caribbean heritage.


Following the success of her breakout single ‘Bodak Yellow’, Cardi B performed at JAY-Z’s ‘Made In America’ music festival in August 2017. While at the event, she bumped into Beyonce!  According to website Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B was worth $600,000 at the start of September 2017. However following the success of ‘Bodak Yellow’, that figure has reportedly risen to $4m.


She began dating Kiari Cephus aka Offset in 2017; they got engaged in October that same year. Offset from Migos proposed to Cardi B live on stage during Power 99’s Powerhouse at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Cardi B confirmed that her debut album is set to be released in October 2017!


After ‘Bodak Yellow’ catapulted Cardi to Hip-Hop fame, some fans think that Nicki Minaj dissed her on a song called ‘No Flag’. However both Nicki and Cardi have taken to social media to squash rumours of a feud. Perhaps, not everyone convinced actually…


4 Hectic by Cardi B (Ft. DJ Hardwerk)

Inspiration for this song: When I started putting this song together, I had a different hook and everything. And it wasn’t really working for me. I didn’t really like I asked my producer, Swift, “Does this sound right?” and he was like “It’s a little boring.” And then, we was talking about hectic and hectic is the ultimate New York word. Like, “My nigga that shit was hectic!” And he was telling me like, “When you pull up to a scene, it gets very hectic.” It’s just all eyes be on me. And I’m a little… I’m just a little fuckin’ regular bitch to me, but sometimes there be so many artists in a spot, and when I pull up, it really gets hectic! Like, I’m just a hectic-ass bitch. I cause commotion, I cause drama, I have drama, I have beef. I have everything and it just gets… shit gets lit.


3 Bartier Cardi: Cardi B Featuring 21 Savage

Peaked at no 14   on Jan 6th 2018   and this is its second week 2 on chart

2 ‘Cardier Cardi

During Hot 97’s “Hot for the Holidays” concert in Newark, N.J. on Thursday (Dec. 14), the Grammy-nominated rapper debuted her new single “Cardier Cardi” live. “Cardier Cardi in a ‘Rari,” she rapped, while twerking for the crowd. “”Cardi originally announced plans to drop the song on Dec. 15, but she has yet to reveal a new releasedate. However, she did tease that she has a “surprise” for her fans.


1             Bodak Yellow (Money Moves –no10)

Such a well-deserve hit by CardiB. That brash delivery made this undeniably a chart topper. Dripping in confidence referencing her past as a stripper and how she has cemented her legitimacy in the rap game with her peerless work ethic. It’s the first single she released with Atlantic Records since signing to the label in 2017.

Cardi B topped the Billboard 100 chart with this single ‘Bodak Yellow’ making No1 on the Billboard 100 chart in September 2017 overthrowing Taylor Swift to reach the top of the charts. She netted her first ever Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 with this one– placing her in great company becoming the first solo female to have a rap song reach number one on the Billboard 100 since Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wop’ in 1998 and  first female rapper to top the chart in any form since Iggy Azalea Fancy in 2014

Taylor Swift Sent Cardi B Flowers to Congratulate Her on ‘Bodak Yellow’ Hitting No. 1

The future for the Bardi Gang is brighter than the ring Offset gifted the former Love & Hip-hop star back in October.


Bonus tracks

  1. Offset & Cardi B – “Um Yea”

Offset connects with his wifey on the DJ Durel-produced song, which appeared as one of the 30 cuts from QC’s Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol.1 compilation album. Bardi handles the closing verse of the record, where she compares her lavish ways to New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter’s legendary career in the Bronx. This surely won’t be the last time we hear the recently engaged couple team up on a track.


1   Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B – “Finesse” (Remix-2018)

The two musicians collaborated on this ’90s-throwback tune about a pair of flirty people who know they’re the objects of each other’s affection

This Stereotypes-produced record originally appeared on Bruno’s 2016 24k Magic album, without Cardi. The rumored collaboration hit the masses to open the New Year on Jan. 3 with a coinciding visual, which was inspired by one of the pop artist’s favorite ’90s television shows, In Living Color. Mars took to Instagram to explain how his friendship with Cardi was born: “I met Cardi B at 3 am after my show in LA backstage where we recorded her verse for ‘Finesse.’ She walked in the room and she was everything I’d hope she’d be. Never change Cardi! Don’t let this crazy music business change who you are. You [possess] something that can’t be taught. You’re a true star. Thank you for putting your energy and love all over this record and video.”

Who knows Finesse could join the 4 songs (2 being feature: No Limit by G-Eazy Featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi and MotorSport by Migos, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B. 1 by her:Bodak yellow and she featured 21 Savage on Bartier Cardi) with her name on the billboard top 20 at the moment. Who knows Finesse which was on no35 As of Jan 13th 2018 and 1Weeks on the Chart could join.


Awards and nominations

List of awards and nominations received by Cardi B

Cardi received her first two nominations at the 2017 BET Awards.[94] In September 2017, the nominees for the annual BET Hip Hop Awards were unveiled, revealing Cardi B to be in the lead, alongside DJ Khaled and Kendrick Lamar, with nine nominations,[95] winning five. She received two nominations at the 60th Grammy Awards: Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

Won BET Hip-Hop Awards 2017; Hustler of the Year, Best New Artist, and Single of the Year. She also performed BDY at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2017


She began as an Instagram personality, Cardi B’s no-apologies personality brought her to the reality series Love & Hip Hop: New York to her own inevitable rap career. She was the number 1 on the list of 5 Emerging Female Rappers earlier in July 2017. 2017 was the year of Cardi B, and it looks like 2018 will be no different

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