To Be Or Not To Be?

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Everyone already knows about my subject matter so there’s absolutely no need beating about the bush. It was not until my close cousin relayed her story about these same people that I stopped thinking about this #ENDSARS matter as just one of those things that Nigerians trend but nothing happens and started seeing it from a personal angle. These guys nearly pushed her child out of the car just to get her husband to get out of the car only to be pushed around and hit on the head and back and for what? Because he refused to ‘settle’ them. That was when they officially threatened to “deal with” her child if her husband didn’t “drop something”.

Her story just brought the subject to being for me and something in me snapped. Do we really want these guys in our force? Our police force? With that kind of authority? Apparently they have misused and abused this authority over and over again to majority of people or people won’t be so bent on ending this farce called Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS). They are obviously worse than the “anything for the boys” average policemen and people everywhere; from common folks to celebrities like Wizkid, Falz, Ebuka etc to even politicians like Senator Goje, …………….. etc have lent their voice to the #ENDSARS movement.

Only recently did someone bring the concern of where they would go, what they would do for a living to cater for their families and responsibilities to my attention and I actually was persuaded to look at things from that perspective after my initial response that no one cared actually, everyone just wanted these evil guys out and the brutality ended. This now brought to light the others conversation that’s been going on that rather than #ENDSARS, the right move will be to #REFORMSARS so as to cater to the matter of ensuring proper reorientation on what their duties really are and how to go about effective delivery of their duties.

I, for one, am not particularly concerned about that, even though they do have a point but with Nigerians, sometimes you give them an inch and they take a mile so a second chance just might result in the same outcome, so I’ll just much rather a quick end is put to this already-gone-too-long farce. However this opinion is just mine. SARS, to be or not to be? That is the question.

Article by Soomto Ajanma

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