Four Healthy Eating Tips To Observe During Special Occasions



Special occasions are not the time to be hard on yourself, it’s your darling self, so you need to take that into consideration because sometimes going easier on yourself gets you further. Therefore, on special occasions you have to be careful what goes into your mouth in order not to endanger your health.

Now, these four tips will help you monitor your eating and drinking during the festive period.

1-) Plan your drinks

To keep your sugar intake down, switch sugar sweetened drinks for diet options or even water as the case may be. When attending a social function, before arriving try setting for yourself an alcohol or sugar limit, by limiting yourself to one glass of drink and taking water instead.

2-) Start with vegetables

If vegetable is your thing, you should start with vegetables when you have so much to eat. Be sure to focus on quality rather than quantity because vegetables are high in fiber. Vegetables and salad intake with is associated with low risk of cardio vascular diseases and also consider the fact that vegetables have several health benefits such as giving you a youthful glow, stress reduction and even bone protection.

3-) Eat slowly and mindfully

You must understand that when you eat too quickly, you have the tendency to consume more calories than when you eat slowly, and scientifically, it takes our bodies 20 minutes to realize that we are full, so try not to eat too fast so that when you are full your brain would realize in time.

4-) Make proteins a habit

Always go for the proteins, take the much healthier foods before going for the snacks, these way, your hunger would decrease before you reach the sugary and flavoury meal options.

Do remember, 100% ideal does not mean 100% strict, do not starve yourself while trying to get your diet back on track. Just prioritize by applying healthy eating habits.

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