Simple Throat Muscle Exercises For Heavy Snoring


Snoring can be a problem in your relationship and in case you don’t know, you are probably the reason your spouse has chosen to be in a separate room pretending to be having a special prayer recently. Your snoring is as loud as that of a motorbike. If you want to argue this, then I challenge you to download one of many free snoring apps available on to your phone, place your device face down on the bedside table next to you before you go to sleep and it will record your snoring throughout the night.

You can try out the app even before you start the throat muscle exercising tips I am going to be telling you about. Funny right! This is why we have come up with this simple throat music exercising tips to help you eliminate the loud snoring that can make sleeping with your partner difficult. Actually, the most common cause of snoring is said to be slack throat muscles. You know when we drift into the deepest phases of sleep and all our muscles relax and we might not know that the tissues at the back of the throat can become floppy causing the air that passes through them to makes a noise like a flag flapping in the wind. Now the volume and intensity of those snores will depend on how hard you have to force the lungs to push air through this restricted space and partly on the floppiness of the tissues of your throat. These tissues include the soft palate (the fleshy part at the back of the roof of the mouth), the uvula (the dangly thing at the back of your throat) and the epiglottis (the flap of tissue which sits beneath the tongue at the back of the throat and closes the windpipe while you are eating to prevent food entering your airways).

So, if you are a Nasal snorer, your Snoring is caused by partially blocked nasal passages, this forces more air through your mouth when you sleep.Tongue based snorer caused  by the tongue blocking air from reaching your lungs i.e when you sleep the soft tissues and muscles in your throat relaxes, so much that it actually falls back in the throat, blocking airflow. The tongue is in the wrong position at this time. Mouth snorer (palatal snorer), Snoring caused when the soft tissues of the soft palate such as the uvula vibrates against each other. These are people that tend to breathe through their mouths when they sleep. You could be more susceptible to snoring depending on the shape of your face, skull and neck. Snoring could even be as a result of a heavy night of alcohol could make things worse for guys especially. Whichever category you fall in, exercising your throat muscles can help prevent the snoring as this could worsen with age.

Try These Simple Throat Muscle Exercises To Curing Your Snoring


Move the tip of your tongue backwards in your mouth, so it curls over towards the soft palate. Stretch it as far back as it will go, then bring it forward to touch the back of the upper teeth. Repeat quickly 15 times.


Grip the tip of your tongue gently between your teeth. Make a humming sound, starting deep then increase in frequency until it is as high pitched as you can make it. Repeat ten times.


It is performed by opening and closing your mouth as wide as possible, being sure that you close your mouth fully. Open your mouth as widely as you can and say ‘ahhhhhhhh,’ for 20 seconds. Repeat once.

Chin and Throat Tightening Exercise

Lift your lower lip firmly while applying enough pressure with your muscles to tighten the muscles of your chin. Hold this position for a moment and then keep your lower lip contracted while lowering your chin as if you were trying to tuck it into your throat. The movement should be accomplished through the strength of your throat muscles, rather than the muscles along the back of your neck. Do not bend your neck when trying to tuck your chin. Keep your head as still as possible while using the muscles of your throat to apply resistance to your fingers for a slight pressure to the bottom of your chin. This helps in strengthening the muscles of your throat.


If friends have been complaining about your snoring, such that it usually becomes a nightmare for them having to share the same bed with you, I feel like spending five minutes doing each of these exercises in turn every day when you brush your teeth at night or in the morning will return the structures of your throat to healthier condition without you spending a dime.

If you are so religious about this daily, it can reduce your snoring volume by 60 percent and frequency by 39 per cent. Many people will notice improvements even after the first night, but you’ll need to stick at it. Be sure to do these exercises as fast as you can.

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